Greetings Family! I’m so glad you made it!!
My name is Casey Nicole and I am the proud creator of The NutCase Network. Originating from Chicago, IL, I was always an inquisitive, rambunctious child who never failed to get into mischief (despite my better judgment). 
I’ve always been curious, to say the least. Making sure that my mom and I caught the latest episodes of Charmed on the WB. As I grew, my interest in The Mystical Arts, Spirits, Zodiac Signs (Astrology), and most recently Tarot & Oracle Cards have grown as well. I have ALWAYS been an intuitive child being called an “Old Soul” my whole life. Tarot reading and spiritual advice is my passion, along with motivating others to find and accept their true voice, in addition to healing trauma.
Look around, get comfortable and make yourself at home! My mission for this website is to not only gain a greater sense of self but to support others like me through the journey of finding their own unique voice by offering products and services specifically to fit their needs. Be prepared, I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS!! I wish with all my heart that I did, but with teamwork and dedication, we can all work towards a confident, more peaceful US!